Our Mission

Our juniors would…….

  • be the smiling faces in school who possess love to learn for life.
  • overcome challenges with wisdom and tact.
  • be strong and smart adolescents who can make the right choices for themselves
  • be preside and decide holding key positions in their adulthood making their parents family and alma-mater proud by their excellence.
  • make our country proud with their skills, knowledy and expertise which they shall express with finesse in whatever they do.
  • be global citizens of the world who respect their family, country its culture and traditions.
  • independent, loved and loving individuals whose company shall be worthy
  • be virtuous of human being and proud citizen of India.

Our Celebrations



Beyond the Class Room

Balkalaratna Award

It is the big leap from one level of the learning ladder to the next achieving development milestone. A graduation role with a loud sour of applause praises our little juniors for their efforts so far and of motivate little fear to move ahead.

Field Trips

Experiential learning through field trips and collecting information to satisfy the curiosity of the child is important. Through field trips to circus, post- office and farm, the emphasis is given on discovering by one’s own self.

Festival Celebration

Festivals and celebrations of days and event like annual days, sports day etc is our way to respect our culture and bestow its value upon our little ‘juniors”. Colour days, vegetables and fruit days, local visit and field trips, solo dance and fancy dress competition.

Beyond the Class Room

The school facilitates learning through activities, community understand & involvement as well as in-house events will support the all round development of children at Mother’s Care we believe that learning becomes much more effective and relevant through hands on experience, dramatizing the concept learnt and applying the learning in real life.


Toys, teaching aids and equipments form and integral part of our child friendly environs teaching and learning are an interesting affair at ‘Mothers care ‘curiosity probing teaching and learning aids are thoughtfully selected and designed to provide a stimulating environment that fosters wholesome development in children toys and equipment.

Snack Time

'Healthy me’ is a priority for our little ones at ‘Mother care’ ‘Snack time table’ made by nutritionists is another novel introduction to take care of nutritional needs of our preschoolers. ‘Snack Time Table’ provides options of recommended food groups to mothers that are to be used on particular days for snack preparations for little ones.

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